Protect Your Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is one of the highest value and most important decisions a person can make. Every property is unique—due to size, location, features, and value. It is vital to have our attorneys review documentation concerning real estate before purchase whether it is a simple agreement between neighbors about a driveway to a multi-million dollar commercial purchase.

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Residential House

Too often people realize after things have gone terribly wrong that they needed an attorney from the very beginning. There is no such thing as a “standard form” purchase agreement; every document is as unique as the property it impacts. Some purchase agreements favor the seller; some favor the buyer. Some Leases favor Landlords; other favor tenants.

We guide you right from the start—from preparing the initial offer to purchase, negotiating the terms and obtaining the best legal direction for this substantial undertaking. We know the many pitfalls and dangers associated with buying or selling real estate, how to avoid them and provide our clients comfort and relief, knowing they are legally protected.

We represent both Landlords and Tenants in disputes, assist in Evictions and Foreclosures, and provide direction regarding Condominium Law.

Call (248) 643-9530 during office hours or email for a consultation.

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