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Business relationships have a natural ebb and flow. During the life of a business it is common to encounter death, disability or retirement of a shareholder, business impasses, disagreements between partners/members and, terminations of employment. Shareholders in corporations, members in LLCs and partners in partnerships sometimes find themselves in circumstances where they need to take action or buyout other owners.

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       We prepare buy-sell agreements between the entities and individuals when disagreement erupts, and on death, disability and termination of employment of your business partners. Let our years of experience guide you when these events occur.   We find cost-effective solutions that balance the realities of the business financial picture with the needs of the departing shareholder, member or partner or their surviving spouse or descendants.  Our clients’ confidence in our work product brings them peace of mind.

       In merger and acquisition agreements, our due diligence provide our clients with the keys to successful business dealings.  Our extensive litigation experience guides us to craft agreements that allow both parties to be successful in the purchase or sale of a business.  Our Firm has successfully negotiated and closed numerous sales of businesses, representing clients as both buyers and sellers.  Our single focus in a business transaction is to seek, for our buyer, that the buyer gets what they bargained for, and that our seller receives full payment for what the seller has sold.  We then instruct our clients to take further steps to protect the value of the acquisition or the proceeds from the sale.  Our experience, since 1976, of successful business dealings makes us ideally suited to represent the buyer or seller to achieve maximum value. 

       Our Clients’ business transactions include:

  • The sale of a Michigan based medical waste hauler and the related commercial real estate to a nationally based publicly traded waste hauler for 7 figures.
  • The sale of a locally owned Michigan based county-wide telephone company to the publicly traded Rochester Telephone Company out of Rochester, New York for well into 8 figures.
  • Small Business Administation Loan with the Economic Development Corporation. We successfully closed a SBA Loan that included a tax free bond issue from the local Economic Development Corporation including the purchase of the land to build a new automobile dealership in Oakland County, Michigan.
  • Commercial Real Estate. We successfully negotiated a business purchase and sale of a commercial/industrial building in Oak Park, Michigan.

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